Museum Scavenger Hunts

American Museum of Natural History Scavenger Hunt

Race through endless corridors and discover hidden secrets about exhibits on everything from the origins of life, dinosaur fossils, the inner workings of planet Earth, our oceans, our journey into space, life in the jungles of Africa to the Arctic circle, ancient peoples, places and cultures, magnificent minerals, gem stones, and fascinating creatures.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Scavenger Hunt

The Met is a must-see! Roam the corridors of Egyptian artifacts, explore the Temple of Dendur, search for secret carvings in ancient Greek columns, examine famous paintings for hidden details–art, history, and culture! The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a maze that you could easily get lost in for an afternoon, that is, if you […]


Brooklyn Museum Scavenger Hunt

The Brooklyn Museum is one of the largest and oldest museums in the country, featuring art from a vast span of cultures around the globe, with everything from ancient to contemporary paintings, photographs and installations. Step outside of Manhattan and take a closer look at this gem.

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