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Before the Hunt…

You are about to embark upon a challenging adventure… a hunt like no other…during which you will uncover a world of fascinating information about New York City’s elements. You’ll work together as a team to solve the most clues, unlock the puzzle – and win. This is a competition. Get ready!

Our hunts are high-energy events. You will be on the move the entire time, using your brains and best hunting skills. You will have to coordinate with your teammates and collaboratively discover the locations and answers to the clues we give you, some of which are very challenging…some, less so. You’ll use those answers to solve a phrase puzzle, like on Wheel of Fortune. The first team to get all the clues correct and solve the puzzle, wins the race!

You may be joining us on a corporate team building event, a tour group, a Meetup or a family/friends event. No matter what the occasion, you’re going to have an amazing, intellectually challenging, intense experience. Bring your A-game. Come ready to compete for the win.

Dress comfortably and weather-appropriate. Don’t bring anything you don’t want to carry for 2 hours.

We hope we’ve given you a clear picture of what you’re about to experience – but as it is with experience, it will be entirely your own.

A few functional details:

The answers to the clues must fit into the boxes. The boxes are lettered in alphabetical order. You will use these letter boxes to crack the code and solve the puzzle at the end. It will all make sense when you get to that point.

Screen shot 2015-05-31 at 10.02.59 AM
The answers to the clues will fit into boxes like these.

Bold words throughout the hunt tell you where you should be looking for the next series of clues. If you come upon a new bold word, and didn’t find a previous clue, chances are you have passed it over. Don’t get too hung up on individual clues.

Solve the puzzle by pulling letters from the answers to the clues.
Solve the puzzle by pulling letters from the answers to the clues.  6E would be whatever you wrote in the E box for clue #6.

Everything is there to be found, but if you have to skip one or two to save time, that could be a good strategy. Teams score very high all the time, because they work hard to find the answers.

We’ll leave it there. See you at the hunt! But here’s one last piece of advice: