Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of your scavenger hunts? How does this work?

We create, staff and fully operate all of our scavenger hunts. You just show up and participate! Our hunts are fully-facilitated. We handle everything, in person.

Our staff will meet your group at the designated meeting location, at the appointed time. We’ll help you form teams with 4 or 5 participants each. You can also create your own teams in advance to save time.

We’ll make a brief speech, explaining the rules of the hunt:

  • Groups must stay together – no splitting up.
  • Bold words within the clues tell you where you should be looking.
  • The hunt has a 2-hour maximum runtime.
  • Teams must work together to determine how best to approach the hunt.
  • You do not have to follow the numerical order of the clues.
  • The team with the most points, wins. Order of arrival breaks a tie. Don’t forget the word puzzle!
  • Don’t spend time trying to Google the answers – that is not a winning strategy!

Then, we’ll distribute one copy of the clues to each team, along with a clip board and pen.

The race is on!

Teams are on their own for the 2-hour hunt, to plot their own strategy and course for the hunt. It’s great exercise in team-building, as participants work together to search for and discover the answers to our hunt clues. You may also see us along the way, wherever we pop up.

As the hunt concludes, teams meet our staff at the designated ending location. (Before Covid, this was almost always a bar or restaurant. Currently, we’re ending outdoors.)

We need approximately 10 minutes to tally up all the team scores. We’ll grade each team’s clues individually. Once we have the team ranking and winners determined, we’ll join you for a brief announcement and wrap-up. At that time, you are free to award prizes to the winning team. Prizes can be anything you wish. We can also email you the results within an hour, if you need to leave the area.

Afterward, we’ll stick around for a little while to answer questions in case anyone was stumped by a clue or wants to challenge us about something. Then, our portion of your event is over!

What are your scavenger hunt clues like?

Our hunt clues are like trivia questions (Jeopardy-style) that you have to search for and discover the answer to. We’re experts at crafting questions that draw upon all kinds of fine details and hidden elements within the hunt venue. For museums, our clues are based on exhibits. For Grand Central, it’s all about terminal history, architecture and modern life. In each venue, there is a wellspring of incredible material that we use to create our clues. You’ll learn a lot and be challenged in a very fun, creative way.

Our clues are not riddles or cryptic brain teasers. All questions can be answered by simply searching.

Hunts include a puzzle that teams solve at the end, based on the answers to the clues. Our hunts are a combination of Jeopardy-style clues, a Wheel of Fortune-style phrase challenge with a little New York Times crossword puzzle thrown in.

Covid-19: What’s the deal?

That gets a page of its own. 

What are your fees?

Our prices are affordable for any group. Please contact us for a list of current price packages.

Do you have scavenger hunt materials for sale?

We organize and operate (in person) scavenger hunt events for groups of all kinds. At this time, we do not have scavenger hunt materials for sale or distribution.

Do you have public events?

At this time, all of our events are privately organized for individual groups.

What should we do to prepare for our hunt?

Read this.

Do you offer foreign language programs?

At this time, all scavenger hunts are in English and fluency in English is a requirement for participation.