Brooklyn Museum Scavenger Hunt

The Brooklyn Museum is one of the largest and oldest museums in the country, featuring art from a vast span of cultures around the globe, with everything from ancient to contemporary paintings, photographs and installations. Step outside of Manhattan and take a closer look at this gem.

If you thought that there were no museums outside of NYC’s Museum Mile worth your time, think again!   Visit the Brooklyn Museum –  a museum so grand that it even has its own newly renovated subway station.  Explore the Egyptian Mummy Chamber, art by the Ainu people of Japan, a banquet table set for 39 of history’s most famous women and much, much more.

In a race against time and the other teams, discover:

  • Henri Matisse’s favorite model
  • A secret about mummies and the Brooklyn museum, recently uncovered in the famous Mummy Chamber
  • Where the author of Frankenstein has a seat for dinner
  • Where the head of the Greek goddess of love hangs out
  • A photograph of a “doggedly” enduring rapper
  • And much more!

Find your way through floor after floor of great artwork, searching for hidden answers about various exhibits that we send you forth to discover. Examine famous sculptures for intricate details. Find elements in paintings that you might otherwise overlook, and gain a deeper understanding behind the meaning of many incredible works of art!

Each team gets one set of clues. Work together to plot your course, get the most answers and outsmart the other teams! Be sure to look up, down and all around for the answers – they could be anywhere!

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