American Museum of Natural History Scavenger Hunt

Perhaps New York’s most memorable museum (because most of us took middle school field trips here), the American Museum of Natural History Scavenger Hunt reveals a vast array of exhibits – From huge meteorites, galaxies far…far away, jungles and elephants in Africa, massive and bizarre life from the deepest parts of the ocean, fossils from prehistoric eras, gems and precious stones of all kinds, and a seemingly infinite number of Earth critters on display!

American Museum of Natural History Scavenger Hunt - AMNH - NYC - Secret City

Race through endless corridors and discover hidden secrets about exhibits on everything from the origins of life, dinosaur fossils, the inner workings of planet Earth, our oceans, our journey into space, ancient peoples, places and cultures and the fascinating creatures that inhabit this world.

In a race against time and the other teams, you’ll discover…

  • Who was the LAST man on the moon?
  • How much would you weigh if you were standing on a Neutron star?
  • Just what mysterious object is that ancient Mayan statue pointing at?
  • Why do some scientists think the Stegasaurus had two brains?
  • How do you avert the wrath of the Aztec sun god?
  • Much more!

Each team gets one set of clues.  Work together to plot your course, get the most answers and outsmart the other teams!

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