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Treasures of Rockefeller Center Scavenger Hunt

Rockefeller Center Scavenger Hunt

On our Treasures of Rockefeller Center scavenger hunt, you’ll explore the Plaza, Radio City Music Hall, 30 RockNBC Studios, learn about the history of The Tonight Show and more!

Form your teams and get ready to navigate the underground concourse, discovering hidden passages full of historic details along the way. View rich murals that tell the tale of human history, progress and transportation. Explore the Channel Gardens, skating rink and various pedestrian areas. Learn about the many works of art built-in to the Center.

Rockefeller Center is a monument to human achievement. Built for the ages, it stands like a temple of architectural, artistic and engineering wonder. The Center is a little universe of underground passages, grand lobbies, historic murals, famous statues, bas-relief sculptures, majestic adornments and iconic New York City scenery. It’s the perfect location for an indoor/outdoor competitive, challenging and fun team-building experience!

Your adventure begins on the Avenue of the Americas. In a race against time and the other teams…

  • Locate a sunken plaza containing a certain triangle that tracks the sun’s position during equinoxes and solstices. Nearby, discover the four Aspects of Mankind.
  • Inspect Radio City Music Hall and its exterior artworks from the Acts from Vaudeville to Dance, Drama and Song by Hildreth Meière.
  • Meet the Greek Titans Prometheus and Atlas. Learn about the artists and foundries that created these statues.
  • Discover the detailed doorways of the British Empire Building and La Maison Française.
  • Learn about John D. Rockefeller and how Rockefeller Center came to be.
  • Venture into St. Patrick’s Cathedral and find the secrets of its grand entrance.
  • Much more…

It’s a game of strategy, collaboration and communication where teams must search together for the answers to clues, solve the puzzle first and outsmart the other teams to win. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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PS. This hunt is part indoor, part outdoor (roughly 50/50). It’s a good option on a cold winter day because you’ll have lots of opportunity to get warm. Not as good on a rainy day.