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Corporate Team Building Activities in NYC

Corporate Team Building Activities in NYC

Book an enriching corporate team building activity in NYC with Secret City. Our scavenger hunts in iconic NYC locations are great for morale-boosting. They build real bonds and foster teamwork. Your group will love competing with their coworkers in an exciting, unique setting.

Scavenger hunts make great corporate team building games in NYC

The scavenger hunt was amazing! I think it’s fair to say everyone had a blast. Thanks for organizing such a great event for us.

Diana @ Goldman Sachs

Our team building scavenger hunts show off a fresh, engaging face of New York City. Your group will explore in teams, experiencing NYC interactively – not in a passive tour.

Secret City runs pen and paper scavenger hunts, without using apps. Your teammates will be working together around a physical set of clues, rather than watching their phones. They literally have to put their heads together! This encourages engagement, bringing out your team’s resourcefulness, creativity and strategic thinking.

Scavenger hunts make good team building games because they involve a wide set of skills. Problem solving, teamwork and strategy will all be required. Your group will interact and work together in a high-energy, challenging race against the clock.

The scavenger hunt was amazing! I think it’s fair to say everyone had a blast. Thanks for organizing such a great event for us.

Diana @ Goldman Sachs

Participants must collaborate to win the hunt. This fosters team bonding and makes fun memories along the way. A scavenger hunt is a great way to build relationships between staff who wouldn’t normally get to interact. The game levels the playing field.

Your staff will love our hunts!

Your staff will love our team building games in NYC

Our corporate events in New York City are a lot of fun! Native New Yorkers will be blown away with a fresh experience in their own city. Visitors will get a hands-on experience of the city that a tour can’t provide.

Secret City scavenger hunts are enriching experiences. Your staff will build great memories to share with their coworkers. They will return to the office refreshed, with stronger bonds and reinforced teamwork skills.

My experience with Secret City was unbelievably seamless and beyond successful. My company hired Secret City to organize a 250 employee NYC Scavenger Hunt. Since the hunt, we have received praise over how much fun the trip was and the team bonding as a result has only strengthened.


Why use Secret City for your next team building event?

We have a lot of experience running successful corporate team building games in NYC.

Since 2001 Secret City has been designing unique, fully-facilitated team building scavenger hunts. We have a 5 star rating on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google!

Secret City has 15+ years of experience creating team building activities for many fortune 500 companies. Our satisfied customers include American Express, Microsoft, Spotify, Facebook, Google and more.

Some of the companies we've delivered team building activities to in New York City

Secret City scavenger hunts are fully-facilitated for your company and very cost-effective. We cater to corporate groups of all sizes: small, medium and large!

How do our scavenger hunts work?

Each of our corporate scavenger hunts are built around a particular area or venue in New York City. Iconic destinations include Grand Central Terminal, Lower Manhattan, Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History and more!

Secret City was a great partner, helping us execute a fun team building experience! Most of our team was from out of town so they loved visiting the American Museum of Natural History and many want to go back for another visit. As a long-time New Yorker, I loved seeing the museum in a different way!

Gena @ Macy's

Your group will form teams with 4 or 5 members to compete in a fun and challenging race against time. Your Secret City guides will explain the rules and hand out the scavenger hunt clues. Then the race is on for the next 2 hours!

How our corporate team building activities work

Teams will work together to follow clues and solve puzzles about interesting fixtures built into the world around you – cool features of the city that are worthy of discovery. Bold words within the clues tell you where to look. You don’t have to follow the clues in order – plot your own course and strategy! The team with the most points wins the race and order of arrival breaks a tie.

Hint: Don’t spend time trying to Google the answers – that’s not a winning strategy!

When the time is up we’ll gather at the designated meeting point – usually a nearby bar or restaurant. Your Secret City guides will tally up the scores and announce the winners. The team with the most points wins! We’ll stick around for a little while in case you have any questions.

Everything went great – from start to finish! It was such a great event for our team. We’re a competitive bunch, so everyone had fun running around Grand Central to try to be the winner. Abby was also great! She was very patient with us! Thank you again for setting this up.

Lauren @ Merrill Lynch

Participants should dress in comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes. Don’t bring anything you don’t want to carry 2 hours!

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A scavenger hunt with Secret City makes for a memorable team building exercise. Contact us today to book your event!

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Your corporate event in NYC will help your teams bond and improve their teamwork skills. And they’ll love it!