Metropolitan Museum of Art Scavenger Hunt

Metropolitan Museum of Art Scavenger Hunt - The Met - NYC - Secret City

Our Metropolitan Museum of Art Scavenger Hunt is full of ancient and modern secrets! Roam the corridors of Egyptian artifacts. Explore the Temple of Dendur. Search for secret carvings in ancient Greek columns. Examine famous paintings for hidden details. Art, History and culture!

Find your way between ancient civilizations, Egyptian temples, Mummies, Medieval statues, famous painting after famous painting, Buddhas of every kind, Religious art works, Chinese legends, musical instruments you never knew existed and more! The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a maze that you could easily get lost in for an afternoon, if you didn’t have your trusty map.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Scavenger Hunt - The Met - NYC - Secret CityIn a race against time and the other teams, work together to:

  • Search for hidden carvings in the pillars of the Temple of Dendur
  • Decipher ancient Greek inscriptions that reveal the secret identity of a famous mummy
  • Figure out who was standing by as Socrates willingly drank his poison.
  • Find the identity of the Greek warrior who’s holding the head of a Gorgon.
  • What’s a Gorgon anyway?
  • Explore the secrets of DaVinci and Monet
  • So much more!

Each team gets one set of clues.  Work together to plot your course, get the most answers and outsmart the other teams! Be sure to look up, down and all around for the answers – they could be anywhere!

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