Choose your hunt!

The Astronomical Ceiling, Biltmore Room, Vanderbilt Hall, the Graybar Passage, trains, tracks, the Market, Transit Museum Annex, Whispering Arch, nooks and crannies you never knew. All aboard!

Galaxies, stars, planets, dinosaurs, gems, jewels, a giant whale, a massive mosquito, all kinds of creatures, distant relatives...and Theodore Roosevelt. Engage!

Ancient Egypt, the Temple of Dendur, Greek and Roman sculptures, paintings, statues, period rooms, Arms and Armor, Medieval engravings and inspiring works of art. Dig in!

Radio City Music Hall, 30 Rock, NBC Studios, The Tonight Show, John D. Rockefeller, Jimmy Fallon, Prometheus, Atlas, St. Patrick's Cathedral, artistic and architectural marvels all around. Nice view!

The Zoo, Delacorte Clock, Treehouse for Dreaming, Conservatory, Alice in Wonderland, Hans Christian Andersen, Bethesda Fountain, Literary Walk, The Dairy, Carousel and the source of New York's sanity. Follow the White Rabbit.

Grand Central Terminal, New York Public Library, Bryant Park, 42nd Street, Times Square, Broadway, the history, the lights, the sounds and a few show tunes. Start spreadin' the...

Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Federal Hall, Trinity Church, Bowling Green, Battery Park, Fraunces Tavern, Stone Street, historic Wall Street and the genesis of New York City. Excavate!

Astor Hall, DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room, Rose Main Reading Room, the Map Division, McGraw Rotunda, architecture, history, lore and lions. Learn something.

Borough Hall, Walt Whitman, Arthur Miller, George Washington, Fulton Ferry Crossing, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, the Promenade, fruity streets and the American Revolution. Joralemon!

East and West Village notables, local history, punk rock, mysteries, murders, ghost stories, disasters, cemeteries, hauntings, and Edgar Allan Poe. Investigate.

Newspaper moguls, Macy's, the Empire State Building, Thomas Edison, life-changing inventions, the Titanic, luxury hotels with peculiar pasts and hidden messages in the post office. Make it so!

Secret City Scavenger Hunts