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What’s a scavenger hunt?

A Secret City scavenger hunt is:

  • A fully-facilitated competition, hosted in person by us
  • A fun, 2-hour activity that fits right into your schedule
  • A great way to experience a famous NYC landmark
  • The perfect team challenge for your group to engage in together
  • An interesting contest that brings out your best hunting skills and resourcefulness
  • A game of strategy, collaboration and communication that…
  • Creates personal bonds and fosters great working relationships

We staff our hunts in person and operate everything from start to finish. We use pen & paper. No app required. Our scavenger hunts are 100% our own creation.

They’re designed as competitions. Your group will form teams and compete with each other in the framework of a fun and challenging race against time.

Our hunts are part Jeopardy-style trivia clues (teams work together to discover), part Wheel of Fortune-style phrase puzzle (teams solve based on the answers to the clues), part New York Times crossword puzzle, with fun photo/video challenges along the way.

They take place within famous NYC locations such as Grand Central Terminal or Central Park where there is endless material to draw upon – all kinds of interesting items, elements and fixtures built in that we search for and write clues about.

Our hunts stimulate healthy competition amongst peers, while revealing a hidden world of fascinating details about New York City landmarks.

You’ll enjoy a high-energy challenge with your group, compete to win the race, create stronger team bonds and make great memories. After the hunt you’ll feel like you spent your energy on something fun, challenging and worthwhile. You’ll have gained a wealth of knowledge about NYC and shared a meaningful experience with your friends/co-workers.


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