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Marvels of the Meatpacking District Scavenger Hunt

A fun team-building adventure throughout the Meatpacking District, West Village, High Line and Chelsea Market!

Born out of the Chelsea Market Challenge, our Marvels of the Meatpacking District scavenger hunt is an exciting exploration of the historic Meatpacking District, with all its modern life and lore. The race includes a dip down into the West Village and segments within Chelsea Market and along the High Line. Explore these four famous NYC landmark locations in a fun competition with your friends and co-workers! 

While the Meatpacking District has become a center for NYC night life, it has a storied history that is worthy of discovery. Coupled with a trip through the richness of Chelsea Market and a visit to the famous High Line, our Marvels of the Meatpacking District is the perfect choice for a west-side, outdoor team building adventure!

Your adventure begins in front of the Triangle building at 14th Street and 9th Avenue. In a race against time and the other teams…

  • Race through the hidden nooks of Chelsea Market, discovering artifacts from its time as the largest baking facility in the world. Discover antique features from the factory that take you back in time.
  • Investigate the many stores and eateries the Market has to offer, such as Fat Witch BakerySarabeth’s, Chelsea Market Baskets and more!
  • Search the High Line for fun facts about railroad history and its current life as a unique NYC public space.
  • Roam the streets of the West Village, visit the spot where Alexander Hamilton died after his famous duel with Aaron Burr. Locate a building where ground-breaking discoveries were made in particle physics, paving the way for our modern technological civilization.
  • Explore the streets of the Meatpacking District, learning about the actual meat packers still in operation today, along with many historic features and modern trappings.
  • So much more in between and along the way!

Life-long New Yorkers will be surprised by how much they learn! Visitors will have a hands-on experience not possible on a tour.

Our Marvels of the Meatpacking District scavenger hunt is a game of strategy, collaboration and communication where teams must search together for the answers to clues, solve the puzzle first and outsmart the other teams to win. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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