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Legends of the Village Scavenger Hunt

Legends of the Village Scavenger Hunt

An exciting team-building adventure through the east and west village – famous names, historic places, ghost stories, mysteries and local heroes!

On our Legends of the Village scavenger hunt, you’ll race through the streets of Greenwich Village, solving fun and challenging clues about notable sights along the way. Discover the history, lore, artwork, cemeteries, haunted places, mysteries, murders, disasters and legends of New York City’s coolest neighborhoods!

The East Village (aka Alphabet City) and the West Village (aka Greenwich Village) are collectively thought of as “The Village.” Each of these neighborhoods is chock full of its own history – the perfect setting for an outdoor team-building adventure!

Your journey begins at Astor Place. In a race against time and the other teams…

  • Discover the statues and works of art around Cooper Union. Learn about the artists and foundries that created them.
  • Explore the cemetery at St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery, visit the graves of Peter Stuyvesant and a certain former Vice-President of the United States.
  • Learn about the General Slocum disaster – the worst fire fatality in NYC history before 9/11. Visit a former church where the victims congregated before their fatal voyage.
  • Chase the ghosts of punk rock and explore the space that was once CBGB.
  • Search for obscure graves in Marble Cemetery, one of the city’s oldest burial grounds.
  • Visit the haunted Merchant’s House MuseumColonnade Row, the Astor Library, the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, the “House of Death,” the Jefferson Market Library and the Northern Dispensary.
  • Explore the monuments of Washington Square Park, its eponymous arch, search for Hangman’s Elm and learn about famous people who lived nearby.
  • Much more!

Our Legends of the Village scavenger hunt is a game of strategy, collaboration and communication where teams must search together for the answers to clues, solve the puzzle first and outsmart the other teams to win.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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