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Heroes of Herald Square Scavenger Hunt

Herald Square Scavenger Hunt

A fun team-building adventure for your company or group throughout the historic 34th Street district!

On our Heroes of Herald Square scavenger hunt, you’ll race throughout historic 34th Street, visiting Macy’s, the Empire State Building, landmark hotels, Penn Station, the James Farley post office and more, solving fun and challenging clues along the way. Discover the miracle that is 34th Street and learn about the timeless importance of this district!

Herald Square was the epicenter of the early NYC press – home to the New York Herald and Tribune… two very influential newspapers of their time. French Renaissance hotels boast rich lore and architecture. Public squares are full of artifacts waiting to discover. It’s the perfect setting for an outdoor team-building adventure!

Your journey begins in front of Macy’s. In a race against time and the other teams…

  • Discover the statues and works of art around Herald Square. Learn about the artists and foundries that created them.
  • Study the strange proclivities of James Gordon Bennett – the founder of the New York Herald – and the creatures he kept close.
  • Search for the public figures responsible for building (and rebuilding) Herald Square.
  • Explore the history and architecture of Macy’s and uncover some peculiar fixtures located in the store.
  • Visit the hotel where a certain baseball player changed the history of the sport.
  • Identify the builders of the Empire State Building and the various parties responsible for making it happen.
  • Get to know the founder of the New-York Tribune and heed his famous advice.
  • Search inside Hotel Martinique for a detailed mural of Broadway’s underbelly.
  • Visit the site where Thomas Edison first projected a moving picture.
  • Walk in the footsteps of a certain world-changing Yugoslav inventor.
  • Search the James A. Farley Post Office for war memorials and interesting fixtures.
  • Much more!

Our Heroes of Herald Square scavenger hunt is a game of strategy, collaboration and communication where teams must search together for the answers to clues, solve the puzzle first and outsmart the other teams to win.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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