About Us

Since 2001, we’ve been successfully staging interactive scavenger hunt events that bring out the best in people’s resourcefulness, creativity and strategic thinking – all while having fun!

New York City is a treasure-trove of history, culture, art, food and people. Let us help your group, company or organization discover it! We’ll create an adventure just for you, full of interesting secrets and fun facts about New York City, in a competitive team-building environment that you’re sure to always remember.

Who are we?

Jared Nissim, Director
Jared has been organizing social events and activities since he founded The Lunch Club in 2001 and then Meet The Neighbors in 2004. His endeavors have been featured in many major media outlets, such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Newsweek Magazine, Time Magazine and NBC News.

In the 15+ years since he began, Jared has developed a keen talent for organizing successful events that foster strong connections between people. Secret City takes the best team-building activities of Jared’s career and offers them to all groups & companies looking for fun, adventurous experiences.

Event Hosts:

Leigh ParisLeigh Paris
Leigh has been working with Secret City since 2014 and hosts many of our hunts.  A native New Yorker, Leigh knows the city quite well and always brings his broad knowledge and experience to the hunt.

Yana Galbshtein
Yana joined Secret City in 2012 and helps operate our scavenger hunts. You might meet her at the start of the event and see her grading your answers at the end!


Nadia Zehngut
Nadia joined Secret City in 2015 and is very involved in hosting our hunts, researching fun facts and scouting cool locations to include in our adventures.


Abby Goldfarb
Abby joined Secret City in 2017 and is a regular team member on our adventures. She’s also an actress involved in multiple theatre projects.


Marysia Schultz
Marysia joined Secret City in 2016 and has quickly become a part of our core team.  In addition to hosting scavenger hunts, Marysia is a skilled artist whose work is featured in many collections.


Elizabeth Magnani
Elizabeth has been working with Secret City since 2012, hosting scavenger hunts and tallying results.


Sally Dankas
Sally has been working with Secret City since 2011, operating events, making sure hunts go smoothly, scoring and tallying data and being an overall big help!

Secret City Scavenger Hunts