Grand Central Terminal Scavenger Hunt

Grand Central Terminal Scavenger Hunt - NYC - Secret City

Explore an NYC treasure in the Grand Central Terminal Scavenger Hunt! See the Whispering Corner, the Campbell Apartment, the Biltmore room, the Transit Museum Annex, tons of stores, eateries and fun facts about NYC!

Grand Central Terminal Scavenger Hunt - NYC - Secret CityAll aboard for this classic Secret City Adventure, inside one of New York’s most distinguished landmarks. Explore Grand Central Terminal like you never have before and discover where the past meets the present. The terminal is alive with the hundreds of thousands of people passing through it each day. But how many really stop to enjoy the fine craftsmanship, fascinating details, history, lore, architecture, market place and myriad of shops and restaurants?

In a race against time, and the other teams, work together to:

  • Figure out the secrets of the Whispering Arch
  • See when the old time Knickerbocker train is due
  • Divine the secrets of the vaulted ceiling’s astrological array
  • Discover the culinary possibilities of Grand Central Market
  • Sneak into The Campbell Apartment
  • Nooks and crannies, hidden rooms…
  • And much more!

Each team gets one set of clues. Work together to plot your course, get the most answers and outsmart the other teams! Be sure to look up, down and all around for the answers – they could be anywhere!

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