New York Public Library Scavenger Hunt

New York Public Library Scavenger Hunt

This hunt is not currently available due to many closures and restrictions within the library. Please consider our other hunts.

The New York Public Library is a landmark building and national treasure. Shrouding Bryant Park, the iconic “Main Branch” stands faithful through the ages. The Library is an edifice of popular culture that has been featured in countless movies and TV shows. You’ll experience its incredible artwork, history, knowledge and lore in a whole new way on our New York Public Library Scavenger Hunt!

Enter the belly of humanity’s greatest knowledge bank, on a quiet, discreet adventure to uncover its secrets. In teams of 3, you’ll navigate the library and solve clues as you:

  • Tip-toe through the famous Rose Reading Room, gaze at the cloud ceiling, see the new ‘book train’
  • Venture to the Map Division, decipher globes, translate Latin phrases and examine a peculiar Tourist Map
  • Study the fine print in beautiful Astor Hall…be inspired by famous quotes and enlightened by library benefactors
  • Explore the DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room, where Readers’ Digest began…peer into its murals for special messages, inspect old-school microfilm machines
  • Experience the McGraw Rotunda, its famous paintings and their hidden gems
  • Learn about the Library’s architecture, history, anecdotes and much more!

Solve the clues and crack the code before the other teams, and win!

The New York Public Library is a very special place, which is why this is a different kind of hunt for us – limited to smaller groups, who agree to abide by all Library rules.

Please note that Secret City is not affiliated in any way with the New York Public Library and you may view their tours and programs hereThis is not a tour. Groups never congregate inside the library. In small teams of 3, you will engage in a quiet, respectful quest. If your group is interested in a more energetic experience, please consider one of our other hunts.

This hunt is available only on days/times when the Dewitt Wallace Periodical Room, Map Division and The Milstein Division of United States History, Local History & Genealogy are open.

This hunt begins and ends outside. There is an outdoor component as well. It’s not the best indoor option if weather is a concern. Contact us for more information.