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Brooklyn Heights Historic Scavenger Hunt

A fun team-building adventure for your company or group in the heart of Brooklyn Heights’ historic district! On our Brooklyn Heights Historic scavenger hunt, you’ll race through quaint streets and cobbled rows, solving fun and challenging clues about notable spots along the way. Explore hidden gems, monuments, tidbits of trivia, famous residents, the iconic promenade, […]

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Heroes of Herald Square Scavenger Hunt

A fun team-building adventure for your company or group throughout the historic 34th Street district! On our Heroes of Herald Square scavenger hunt, you’ll race throughout historic 34th Street, visiting Macy’s, the Empire State Building, landmark hotels, Penn Station, the James Farley post office and more, solving fun and challenging clues along the way. Discover […]

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Legends of the Village Scavenger Hunt

An exciting team-building adventure through the East and West Village – Famous names, historic places, ghost stories, mysteries and local heroes! On our Legends of the Village scavenger hunt, you’ll race through the streets of Greenwich Village, solving fun and challenging clues about notable sights along the way. Discover the history, lore, artwork, cemeteries, haunted […]

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New York Public Library Scavenger Hunt

The New York Public Library is a landmark building and national treasure. Shrouding Bryant Park, the iconic ‘Main Branch’ stands faithful through the ages. The Library is an edifice of popular culture that has been featured in countless movies and TV shows. You’ll experience its incredible artwork, history, knowledge and lore in a whole new way […]

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Treasures of Rockefeller Center Scavenger Hunt

On our Treasures of Rockefeller Center scavenger hunt, you’ll explore the Plaza, Radio City Music Hall, 30 Rock, NBC Studios, learn about the history of The Tonight Show and more! Form your teams and get ready to navigate the underground concourse, discovering hidden passages full of historic details along the way. View rich murals that tell the […]

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Midtown Manhattan Historic Scavenger Hunt

Midtown Manhattan is full of incredible sights, rich history, old world charm, impressive architecture, works of art, tall tales and awe-inspiring skyscrapers. Experience the heart of New York City on the Midtown Manhattan Historic Scavenger hunt! Discover a Midtown that even many native New Yorkers don’t know about in a scavenger hunt adventure that takes you through […]

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Lower Manhattan Historic Scavenger Hunt

Lower Manhattan, what many of us think of as the ‘Financial District’, was the genesis of New York City. First called New Amsterdam and settled by the Dutch, Lower Manhattan was a main ingredient in primordial America. Here, critical battles were waged in war and politics. Here was the first seat of the federal government, where President George […]

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