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Team-building benefits outside the office

When we hear the word “team,” we might think about sports. Sports are exciting, of course – but “team” means something else to us here at Secret City Scavenger Hunts.

Team Building NYC

In the corporate world (just like in sports), teams play a critical part in achieving a goal or result. Not only do you have teams of colleagues within the same department, but every employee or executive at a company is a part of the larger team as a whole. In order for a corporation to be effective, teams must be cohesive, connected, and motivated.

This is where team-building comes into the picture. Google defines “team-building” as “the action or process of causing a group of people to work together effectively as a team, especially by means of activities and events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation.”

Make sure your company team-building event is exciting!

It might sound cliche, or make you think of cheesy stuff like trust-falls and motivational speakers. But team-building doesn’t have to be – and should NOT be – boring! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Having a company offsite or outing, changes the energy and vibe of the group. Environment affects the mood a great deal. With a change of scenery, many individuals feel more comfortable letting down their guard and chatting casually with other team members. Dynamics become more fluid when you’re not in the office and corporate hierarchy gives way to an equal playing field. Employees often feel free to cultivate personal relationships that go deeper than surface-level interactions in the office. You just need to keep it interesting. And for that, you came to the right place!

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We’re good at what we do!

Here at Secret City, we’re experts at crafting team-building scavenger hunt competitions that accomplish all of the above and more. After a Secret City Scavenger Hunt, groups often report:

  • Increased communication
  • Exchange of various skills
  • Social bonds with fellow teammates
  • Increased organization
  • More effective collaboration
  • Creative problem-solving

The skills cultivated on our scavenger hunts can permeate throughout the office in untold ways. Team members learn to communicate their goals, define objectives and work collaboratively to achieve them.

On our hunts, teams are encouraged to plan ahead and form an overall strategy to win. Almost immediately, players start recognizing each other’s skills and putting them to effective use. “You read ahead and plot our course while I focus on the photo and video challenges. John can work on the puzzle along the way.” Team roles form naturally and emerge organically.

By merging skills, teams work together to outsmart the other groups and get ahead. It’s a game of strategy after all, and the teams that work the smartest, score the highest.

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Puzzled? Let us explain…

We design our hunts to be very challenging. They require your full participation, brain power and collective efforts. Teams learn through both successes as well as setbacks. A team-building event is a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to take notice of a group’s strengths and weaknesses.

We want all team members, regardless if they win the hunt, to have a great time! Even though only one team can win the race, everyone can have fun! Healthy competition amongst peers brings teams together and gives them something to brag/talk about for weeks at the office! Believe us, bragging rights go a long way! It also creates a shared experience and memories that everyone will reflect on for years (“Hey! Remember when we sang show tunes on 42nd Street?” “Oh yeah! I was pretty off-key but it was so funny!”).

At Secret City, we understand your desire to give your employees and colleagues a team-building experience that is both fun and challenging. We look forward to working with you to create a scavenger hunt that fits your company’s needs!

Let the team-building begin!

Jared Nissim

Director of Secret City Scavenger Hunts