Scavenger Hunt Hosts

Meet the very talented...

Krista Cousins
As a licensed tour guide, Krista has spent the past three years educating tourists about New York City and all of the wonders it has to offer.

Laura Walter
Laura is an actor, filmmaker, tour guide and improv instructor who loves New York with a passion!

Silvia Dionicio
Silvia is an Actress (and dog-momma to the cutest GoldenDoodle). She’s originally from the Dominican Republic but takes pride in knowing the Subway lines like the back of her hand!

Walter Petryk
Walter loves scavenger hunts and puzzles of all kinds. He can also be found in the theatre either acting, stage-managing or eating all the donuts in the green room.

Laura Cornachio
Laura is an actor, producer, teaching artist and trivia host. She is a native New Yorker who loves a good challenge and a fun adventure!

Aubrey Clyburn
Aubrey is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina. When she’s not leading adventures around New York City, she is probably acting, doing calculus, or trying to keep her plant alive.

Julie Becker
Julie is a theatre artist who also runs a children’s entertainment company. She doesn’t see why adults can’t have just as much fun!

Andres Quintero
Andres Quintero is originally from Caracas, Venezuela but for the last 12 years NYC has been his home. He is professional actor, fitness instructor and NYC enthusiast.

Wonu Ogunfowora
Wonu is proud first generation Nigerian American performing artist from the North Jersey/ NYC Metro area. She is continually inspired by her rich culture, her childhood and the ever changing world around her.

Abby Goldfarb
Abby an actress involved in multiple theatre projects, such as Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish and Harmony!

Liarra Bartlett
Originally from Denver, Liarra made New York her home several years ago. She is an actor, involved with various theatre companies around NYC and is ASL-proficient.

Nick Martinez
Nick is from sunny Florida but has called the Big Apple his home for 4 years now. He’s an actor in the city with a love for spotting French Bulldogs on the street.