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Chelsea Market Challenge Scavenger Hunt

A fun team-building adventure for your company or group in the heart of New York City’s coolest market! The Chelsea Market Challenge scavenger hunt takes place entirely within, well, Chelsea Market! The market used to be the National Biscuit Company’s headquarters and was once the world’s largest baking facility. It happens to be where the […]

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Grand Central Station Scavenger Hunt

All aboard for this classic Secret City Adventure, inside one of New York’s most distinguished landmarks. Explore Grand Central Terminal like you never have before and discover where the past meets the present. The terminal is alive with the hundreds of thousands of people passing through it each day. But how many really stop to […]

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What is Team Building?

You may be asking yourself: What is team building? What is team building?  Team building exercises help groups develop strategies to work together, form strong bonds, allow roles to emerge, while engaging in a fun, enriching activity. Scavenger Hunts make for great team building exercises! Click here to learn more about Secret City Scavenger Hunts! […]

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Gothic Cathedrals Scavenger Hunt

NYC is full of incredible Gothic cathedrals. It seems like each denomination has its own beautiful, ornate, old world house of worship representing it. Explore the giant spires, cryptic graves, haunting stained glass windows, majestic statues, tombs of past notables, and fascinating history of NYC’s most famous cathedrals!

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Chelsea Art Gallery Scavenger Hunt

Did you know there are hundreds of art galleries in Chelsea? All year long, new exhibits of all kinds appear, by all sorts of artists (known and unknown). Classical paintings, modern art, funky, strange, bizarre sculptures, installations, photography and more! There’s no end to the interesting and provocative exhibits on display in the Chelsea galleries!

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Secret City Scavenger Hunts