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Secret Agent Man

You have a group and you’re looking for something engaging to do in NYC…not just a tour, but an activity you can participate in together and experience as a team. A Secret City scavenger hunt is the perfect choice for companies, organizations, schools, friends and families – for any occasion. Learn new things about the city. Create lasting memories. Bond with your team.

Do something different this time.

The Response

We had a blast! Abby was wonderful – so friendly and fun and full of energy. And the hunt itself was amazing!! Everyone in our group was talking and laughing and sharing stories about it for the rest of the night. Thank you for such a great experience! Eliza @ Group of friends


Bank of America, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Aeropostale, Pepperidge Farm
Running Secret Agent Man

About Secret City

We've been producing scavenger hunt competitions since 2001 and our craft is well-refined. If you're looking for a fun twist on exploring New York City, consider a Secret City scavenger hunt for your company or group! Read more.
Digging Secret Agent Man

We're NYC only.
Fully-facilitated, private scavenger hunt events.
Staffed in person by us.
All pen & paper - no app required.
Affordable for any group.
Appropriate for any occasion!

What’s a Scavenger Hunt?

A Secret City scavenger hunt is:
A fun, 2-hour activity that fits right into your schedule.
A great way to experience a famous NYC landmark.
The perfect team challenge for your group to engage in together.
An interesting competition that brings out your best hunting skills.
A game of strategy, collaboration and communication that…
Creates personal bonds and fosters great working relationships.


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Secret City Scavenger Hunts